Renewable Energy

We are as committed to the environment as we are to our customers. Whether it’s energy efficient boilers, or sustainable heating solutions we are totally committed to ensuring every one of our products is as fuel efficient as technology will allow. Read on to learn more about the different systems available and how they can reduce your fuel bills and minimise your carbon footprint:

Solar Heating Panels

Works alongside your existing system (regular and system boilers only) our solar panels can provide up to 60% of your annual heating needs.

Our panels do not rely on high temperatures or direct sunlight to work. Even on cloudy days they can deliver significant energy savings.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps can meet your total heating and hot water needs by using latent heat stored in the earth. Perfect for use with underfloor heating systems and with appropriately sized radiators. The principle is simple and the result is low cost heating that uses sustainable energy and causes no direct emissions or other damage to the environment. There’s no need for a boiler and once fitted, you need never pay another gas bill!

Air Source Heat Pumps

These devices use latent energy stored in the air to generate useable heating and hot water. There are two types:

Air to water

These air to water pumps heat water up to 65°C for use in baths, showers and radiators. They can be fitted to new or existing systems and are simple to install.


  • Reduces your heating bills and your carbon footprint
  • Simple to install and easy to maintain
  • Compatible with all wet heating systems
  • Delivers heating comfort all year round – even in the coldest winter

Air to air heat pumps

This system needs no radiators or additional components. A unit on the outside draws air in, converts it into useable heat all year round.


  • Suitable for a wide variety of properties – including apartments and conservatories
  • Quiet operation
  • Provides warm air in winter, cool in summer
  • Saves fuel and money with sustainable energy
  • Improves the air quality and is particularly beneficial to asthma and hay fever sufferers
Worcester Solar Panels

Robinson and Baker also provide these services:
  • Full Bathroom design and installation
  • Full Heating design and installation
  • Domestic Water Systems design and installation
  • All general plumbing and heating works
Robinson and Baker promise:
  • We will always give you best advice to suit your circumstances and budget
  • We always use floor coverings when working to protect your décor
  • All our engineers are fully qualified with the latest accreditations
  • Each installation is overseen by a supervisor before hand over
  • We always ensure our customers are fully conversant with the controls before we leave
  • We endeavour to be with you the same day in case of emergency
  • All our engineers wear Robinson and Baker uniforms